What is Wipe Cache in Android Phone ?

Wipe Cache

What is Wipe Cache in Android Phone ?

The cache is a memory storage area on your mobile phone which stores information needed in future use so as to access faster. Also, the cache is the system partition where temporary or junk files are saved when apps are being downloaded to install in your phone.
Now, what is Wipe cache? Wipe cache is nothing but the clearing of the cache of your phone. To wipe cache in Redmi 1s read my article on How to Wipe Cache in Redmi 1s ?

It has no effect on the phone life. Wiping cache removes only the unnecessary files without affecting any user data or settings of the phone.

It is good to wipe your mobile phone cache so that your mobile works faster and properly or memory can be utilized efficiently.

After doing the system updates, it is good to do wipe cache to clear temporary or junk files.

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