How to Download Free Blogger Templates

How to Download Free Blogger Templates

How to Download Free Blogger Templates

Blogger is having its own free templates for your blogging. You can modify and customize the template as you like.

If you like to add some other template to your blog then you may follow the following steps :
with a simple example with screenshots of various windows related to search, view demo, free download and locating download file.

Here we have take website to download template.

  Step 1:    Open Browser                                                                                         

Open any of your PC /Laptop browsers.In the address bar of your browser type google and click Ctrl+Enter. Google page will prompt.

  Step 2:    Search for blogger templates                                                           

Type blogger templates in google search space box and then click enter.

 Step 3:    Blogger templates                                                                                 

Then a list of all websites providing blogger templates will be shown in the window. Out of all websites we take website. So, click above the red color box pointing the website.

Step 4:    BTemplates website                                                                               

BTemplates website will be seen in your PC/Laptop’s screen.

Step 5:    See all templates                                                                                     

Scroll down to see all templates and choose one of the templates.

Step 6:    To view the demo of Blogger template                                           

Now to check the template click the Demo button under your choice of the template as shown in the above red color box.

Step 7:    Top of template                                                                                        

It will prompt the template demo.

Step 8:    Middle view of the template                                                               

Scroll down the page to view the whole template.

Step 9:    Bottom view of the template                                                              

Bottom view of the template.

Step 10:   Go to the download page for the template                                   

Click the Download template tab to go to the download page.

Step 11:   Download template file                                                                       

Now click Download Now button to download template.

Step 12:   Template Saved in zip file format                                                   

The template will be saved in a zip file format.

Step 13:   Show zip file                                                                                            

The zip file will be seen in a folder which can be reached by clicking Show in folder tab. and there you will get your choice of template.

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