3 Free Popular Remote Access Softwares or Tools

3 Free Popular Remote Access Software or Tool with their links :

Here, we are going to discuss the use of a few popular Remote Access Softwares or Tools which are widely used technology nowadays.

What is remote access? 

The remote access is the process or technology by which one can access a system from a remote location. You can also say that it is a process of accessing your home or office computer from a remote location over a local network or over the internet.

Benefits of remote access software : 

This technology becomes very effective for one who wishes to access a system or computer from a remote location when one is not physically near to that system or computer due to various reasons. 
It is not necessary that your local and remote computers or systems are located within the same building or same place or the same country. Both the computers may be located at any place of the world provided both the computers are connected to internet service.
Using remote access software over a local network or over the internet, one can operate a computer remotely, access files or share files remotely, transfer files from one computer to another, troubleshoot a computer or workstations remotely, install software remotely, print a document of the remote computer at the printer connected to a local computer and many other features depending upon the features of Remote Access Softwares.
The speed of access depends upon the internet speed of the internet service provider or providers or the local network. The internet service provider may be of different companies for the remote and local computers in case of access is done over the internet. 
You can also access the remote system from your mobile too by using its mobile version. So, these tools becomes very useful. One can use it while he is on mobility by one’s laptop or mobile device. 
Below are the 3 popular remote access software or tool for your computer or mobile: 

1) VNC Connect

3 Free Popular Remote Access Softwares or Tools
It is being used as remote access software for personal and commercial use.
It is available in three editions :
  • Free edition
  • Professional edition
  • Enterprise edition
It supports various platforms or devices: Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX.
It is easy to install and use.
Its patent-protected technology automatically allows it to work especially effectively in low-bandwidth and high-latency environments.
It provides an attended and unattended access facility.
It provides direct and cloud-based connectivity.
It supports file sharing, printing, and chat facilities.
It a secured tool.
It supports multiple languages: French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese as well as English with more translators on the way.
It supports session encryption of 128-bit AES for Professional edition and up to 256-bit AES for Enterprise edition.

Click here to download: VNC Connect

2) AnyDesk 

3 Free Popular Remote Access Softwares or Tools
It is available in a free and premium version.
It works across all devices and platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi.
It is easy to install by downloading only a 3MB file and a set password.
It is easy to use for home as well as office use.
It performs smoothly at low bandwidths as low as 100 kB/sec.
It is having a built-in address book to keep track of your contacts and connection.
It is having built-in file transfer and remote print facility.
It provides features to customize the user interface.
It protects from unauthorized access by using banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology.
It uses RSA 20148 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection.

Click here to download: AnyDesk

3) TeamViewer 

3 Free Popular Remote Access Softwares or Tools
It is available in free personal or non-commercial and business edition. 
It supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS platforms.
It provides Easy & Secure Remote Desktop Access.
It supports file transfer and remote printing facilities.
It supports AES (256 bit) session encryption.
It supports instant and offline messaging.
It supports session recording.
It provides direct LAN connections via TCP/IP.
It supports restart the remote computers.
It supports the Multi-monitor feature.
It provides Real-time remote control.
It supports unattended access.
It supports meeting management.
It supports multi-language.

Click here to download: TeamViewer

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