[Solved] Microsoft Lumia 650 Phone Stuck On Exclamation Mark Problem

Microsoft Lumia 650 – won’t turn on and stuck on exclamation mark problem :

Microsoft Lumia 650 is a very light-weighted and slim smartphone. If you are using this phone then you may face a problem when your phone turns off automatically and then it won’t turn on and stuck on the exclamation mark.

[Solved] Microsoft Lumia 650 Phone Stuck On Exclamation Mark Problem

I am telling that I have faced this problem with Microsoft Lumia 650 phone. I did try to turn it on in many ways. 
At first, I tried to turn on by pressing the power button without inserting the phone SIM card. But did not work. As soon as I pressed the power button for a few seconds only, it shows Microsoft’ Window Symbol along with Microsoft word for a second or two and then the exclamation mark continues to appear as shown in the above image.

After that, I tried to turn on after removing the SD card. But, this time also, it won’t work.
Then, I thought that the phone battery might be discharged fully and so it was happening. So, I charged the battery fully and then tried again. But, it won’t work at all and displayed the same result.
After, several trial and error steps finally solved the Microsoft Lumia 650 stuck issue. In my case, it worked 100 %. 
One more thing that the files on the phone may be deleted. But, if you had a Microsoft account on your phone then you can recover them. 
If you face this issue, you should try the following steps to resolve it. But, my suggestion is that before you try these steps,  it is better to remove your SIM card and SD card from your phone.

 Step 1 :                                                                                                                          

Turn OFF your phone.

 Step 2 :                                                                                                                         

Press the Volume Down button + Power button simultaneously for 3 seconds and then release the Power button only and keep holding the Volume Down button till the exclamation mark ( ! )appears on the screen after appearing Microsoft’s Window Symbol and Microsoft word.
In the third step, we need to follow the press and release sequence for Volume buttons and Power button

 Step 3 :                                                                                                                         

So, just follow the sequence Press and Release Volume Up button once–>Press and Release Volume Down button once–>Press and Release Power button once–>Press and Release Volume Down button again.
Now, wait for a few seconds till the blue-colored Microsoft’ window symbol appears on your phone screen and then your phone will turn on.
I hope this article helped you to resolve the problem,-Microsoft Lumia 650 Phone Stuck On Exclamation Mark.
Thank you.

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