Airtel Prepaid SIM All USSD Codes

Know Your Airtel Prepaid SIM USSD Service Codes

USSD codes are very important and useful for any mobile SIM user to check all facilities or services available against the mobile SIM provided by the mobile SIM operator. Like any other mobile operator, Airtel also has the features of USSD code services in their mobile SIM for its Prepaid as well as Postpaid Airtel SIM users.

Airtel mobile operator also provides an Android app feature for its Android phone users to know or check account validity and balance and any other details in your Airtel SIM. Besides these, USSD codes also provide lots of other features available against your Airtel SIM which have listed in the below Airtel USSD Code List.

What is the USSD code?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Basically, the USSD code service is commonly and widely used by Prepaid mobile SIM users to communicate with the service provider’s computers. It is also known as Quick Codes because the service provider’s computers respond very quickly after getting any request from a user via USSD code or Feature codes(also known as).

Any USSD code starts with a * (asterisk) symbol followed by digits indicating the user request type and then terminated with the # (hash) symbol.
User requests like user’s prepaid mobile SIM account validity, voice balance, data balance, SMS balance, other content services, recharge options, balance transfer options, MNP option, DND option, Talktime share, sports services, best offers, and many others.

Why should you know the USSD Code?

Every prepaid mobile SIM user should at least know a few important USSD codes like how to check your Airtel number, how to check your Airtel prepaid account validity, how to check Airtel prepaid balance, how to check Airtel data balance, how to transfer Airtel balance to other Airtel number prepaid main account validity and its available balance and many other features.
Sometimes, if your prepaid mobile number doesn’t have the main account validity or balance you won’t be able to make Voice call and SMS or to use Data. In such a case, you may need to call Airtel customer care number to know your prepaid account status. But, if you know how to use Airtel USSD codes then you can easily know the prepaid account validity, voice balance as well as data balance, and also you can take the balance on credit from Airtel.
Here, we tried to provide some of the useful and commonly and widely used Airtel USSD Codes mainly for its Prepaid users.

Airtel USSD Code List

USSD Code Details
Airtel Customer Care Number
Dial 121
Dial 198
Airtel SIM Language Change
Dial *121# and Enter 1
Airtel SIM Main Account Balance & Validity
Dial *121# and Enter 2
Dial *121*2#
Airtel SIM New Offer
Dial *121# and Enter 3
Airtel SIM My Offer
Dial *121# and Enter 4
Dial *121*1#
Airtel SIM My Account Info
Dial *121# and Enter 5
Airtel SIM Recharge Options
Dial *121# and Enter 6
Airtel SIM Other Services
Dial *121# and Enter 7
Airtel SIM DTH
Dial *121# and Enter 8
Airtel SIM Payment Bank Service
Dial *121# and Enter 9
Airtel SIM Thanks App
Dial *121# and Enter 10
Airtel SIM Current Pack Info
Dial *121*2# and Enter 1
Airtel SIM Current Voice/ Data/ SMS Balance Check
Dial *121*2# and Enter 1
Airtel SIM Upcoming Packs Info
Dial *121*2# and Enter 2
Airtel SIM Airtel App
Dial *121*2# and Enter 3
Airtel SIM Recharge Through Airtel Payments
Dial *121# and Enter and then Enter 1
Airtel SIM Recharge With Coupon
Dial *121*3#
Dial *121# and Enter 6 and then Enter 2
Airtel SIM Hello Tunes
Dial *121*4# and Enter 1
Airtel SIM Grand Mahotsav Quiz
Dial *121*4# and Enter 2
Airtel SIM Grand Mahotsav Quiz
Dial *121*4# and Enter 3
Airtel SIM StartSport Cricket
Dial *121*4# and Enter 4
Airtel SIM Win Car
Dial *121*4# and Enter 5
Airtel SIM Airtel Call Manager
Dial *121*4# and Enter 6
Airtel SIM Active Service
Dial *121*5#
Airtel SIM Balance Deduction Summary
Dial *121*7# and Enter 1
Airtel SIM Last Recharge Details
Dial *121*7# and Enter 2
Airtel SIM Best Offers
Dial *121*8#
Airtel SIM Share Talktime
Dial *141# and Enter 1
Airtel SIM Take Advance Talktime
Dial *141# and Enter 2
Airtel SIM Ask Talktime
Dial *141# and Enter 3
Airtel SIM Poke Call
Dial *141# and Enter 4
Airtel SIM Call Me Back SMS
Dial *141# and Enter 5
Airtel SIM Help
Dial *141# and Enter 6
Port in your other operator Mobile Number to Airtel
SMS PORT <Mobile Number> to 1900
Airtel SIM Activate DND Service
SMS “START” 0 to 1909

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